theworshipservice is a ministry of Fred J. Heumann and MusicWorks International (part of the Artists in Christian Testimony family of ministries).  Our focus is providing coaching, consulting and resources for those in the service of worship in the church today.

Our first published resource is: 

magnify! • 105 modern worship devotionals

(for lead worshippers and their teams)

The book includes 105 of the most-used songs in today’s church in the United States--with full lyrics, devotional or song story, and application/discussion points for each.  It is a 244-page resource/reference book for the leader who seeks to both understand the Biblical principles contained in the songs, and then to use those principles with their team so that they can grow in discipleship and their expression of worship. 

It’s a book designed to be used by worship pastors, worship leaders, worship team members, ministers of music and choir directors again and again. It has also been used as a textbook for graduate courses at Liberty University’s Center for Worship.


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